ZKSwap's first version of the scaling solution (ZKSpeed) combines the features of ZK-rollup, Validium, and Plasma solutions. In addition to this, three optimization improvements including aggregation proof, GPU optimization, and proof circuit optimization are applied to further improve the throughput of the entire network. For details, see the following:

ZKSwap Introduces Practical ZK-Rollups — ZKSpeed, Achieving High TPS and Low Gas Fees in Real Layer2 DeFi Use Cases

2.ZKSwap Design Specification

Thanks to ZKSync who provides the ZK-Rollup framework for ERC20 token L2 transactions. ZKSwap is a Layer-2 token transaction protocol that uses ZK-Rollups on Ethereum and is based on the PLONK proof system. The ZKSwap design specification explicates the ZKSwap protocol and its difference against ZKSync.

ZKSwap Design Specification


ZKSwap validator is currently run by L2labs Foundation. Many high-frequency AMD CPU servers have been deployed to generate zero-knowledge proofs (ZK-Snarks). In fact, it doesn’t matter who generates or provides the ZK-Snarks, as long as the ZK-Snarks are submitted to the layer-1 network in time.

ZKSwap team is committed to developing ZKSwap into a fully decentralized protocol.

We intend to achieve it by introducing an independent consensus mechanism and Proof-of-ZKSnarks mining to encourage users to contribute their computing power to securing the network.

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