How to convert your ZKS to ZKB

In 2023, with the continuous prosperity of the BTC and BRC20 ecosystems, the ZKSpace brand is being rebranded as ZKBase. This transformation brings about a new product roadmap and vision, entering the Bitcoin ecosystem and exploring Layer2 services spanning both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Concurrently, we have introduced the ZKS token acceleration deflation plan. In December 2023, 400 million unissued ZKS tokens were burned, combined with ongoing platform fee repurchases leading to a circulating supply reduction to less than 600 million. To align with the new brand, ZKBase, and to enhance product planning, we plan to conduct a 1:1 token swap from the existing ZKS token to the new ZKB token.

Token Information

Old Token

Token Name: ZKSpaceToken

Symbol: ZKS

Network: Ethereum Mainnet

Contract Address: 0xe4815AE53B124e7263F08dcDBBB757d41Ed658c6Total Supply: 598M

New Token

Token Name: ZKBase

Token Symbol: ZKB

Network: Ethereum Mainnet

Contract Address: 0xBBBbbBBB46A1dA0F0C3F64522c275BAA4C332636Total Supply: 600M (2M pending for burning)

Swap Rules:

Holders of ZKS can interact with the token swap smart contract through the provided frontend to exchange ZKS for ZKB at a 1:1 ratio. The swapped ZKS will be sent to a burn address for destruction. The token swap smart contract is deployed on the Ethereum mainnet and zkSync Era, supporting swaps on both networks. ZKB on zkSync Era can be cross-chain bridged to the Ethereum mainnet.

Convert Tutorial:

Step 1: Visit the page from the official website(

Step 2: Choose the network (Ethereum Mainnet or zkSync Era) and connect your wallet.

Step 3: Authorize transfer permissions to the contract. Note that the displayed ZKS balance is for the selected chain.

Step 4: Convert ZKS to ZKB.

Step 5: Import ZKB into your wallet.

  • Method 1: Import it into the Successful Convert.

  • Method 2: Import it into the wallet interface (eg: Metamask). ZKB Contract Address: 0xBBBbbBBB46A1dA0F0C3F64522c275BAA4C332636

What's Next

We will introduce ZKBSwap, a platform focused on BRC20 token trading, as the first step in exploring BTC Layer2 solutions. ZKB will also upgrade to become the platform token for ZKBSwap. We will provide an ERC20-BRC20 cross-chain solution, enabling ZKB holders to benefit from both ETH and BTC dual-chain ecosystems. Future transaction fees on the dual-chain platform will continue to be used for ZKB repurchases and burns, empowering ZKB holders further. Stay tuned for more details on BRC20 ZKB token specifics. For any inquiries, feel free to contact us through social media and community channels for the latest updates.

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