Token/Token pair listing Tutorials

For V2, users can list any ERC20 tokens after paying gas fees. ZKSwap will charge no fees for the token listing service, which is currently only available on the ZKSwap website. Shortly, ZKSwap will support unlimited tokens and token pairs of all standards on both APP and WEB versions.

PS: This guide is based on the test version and is subject to change.

You can also watch the tutorial video for reference:

List Your Token

  1. Enter your ERC20 token contract address. Click "Next." Notice: ZKSwap V2 testnet only supports ERC20 token (released on the ropsten testnet) listing. Users can check all the token information of the ETH ropsten testnet on

2.Check out token details. Make sure all is correct and click "Next."

List Your Token Pair

  1. Select a Fee Token among ZKS, ETH, and USDT to create a token pair. Click "Submit."

PS: More fee tokens will be made available shortly. Each token pair can only be listed once.

2.Check out token pair details. Make sure all is correct and click "Confirm."

3.Click "View my listing records" to track the status of your token pair.

It usually takes 5-10 minutes for your token pair to be listed on ZKSwap depending on how congested Ethereum is at the time.

4.Congrats! Your token pair has been listed successfully on ZKSwap!

Add More Pairs To Listed Tokens

Click "Trading Pair Listing," enter the token name/contract address or select one from the token list, choose a pair that hasn't been listed on ZKSwap, and click "Submit."

Follow the steps mentioned in the "List Your Token Pair" section.

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