ZKSpace Tutorials

I. Preface

ZKSpace is an all-featured Ethereum Layer 2 protocol leveraging ZK-Rollups. It includes three products: ZKSwap, ZKSquare, and ZKSea, covering Layer 2 DEX, Layer 2 wallet, and Layer 2 NFT marketplace.You can view the function introduction and technical scheme on the official website of ZKSpace: zks.org.This tutorial gives a comprehensive introduction to how to use the basic functions of each product.

II. Basic Settings

  1. Gas Fees and Slippage Settings

After connecting the wallet, you can click the gear icon on the upper right corner of https://zks.app to set the slippage tolerance and fee token.Slippage refers to the difference between the expected price of a trade and the executed price of that trade that may be caused by other people trading at the same time. You can set your slippage tolerance on the setting card. Once the price fluctuates more than the percentage you set, your submitted transaction will be declined.Fee tokens are the currency set for the entire ZKSpace platform. You can choose among ETH, ZKS, USDT, and WBTC to pay the gas fee required for various operations on the platform.

2. Language Settings

You can choose your preferred language in the drop-down list by clicking the language name on the top right corner. We are continually adding more languages options to serve a global user base.

III. Layer 2 Wallet

Go to https://zks.app, the web end app of ZKSpace, and you'll see the Layer 2 wallet in the middle of the page. Since Layer 2 is not a brand-new public chain but a scaling solution for Ethereum, the assets on ZKSpace cannot be displayed in plug-in wallets such as MetaMask. For this reason, we provide the Layer 2 wallet, with which users can view and manage their Layer 2 assets.

1. Display of Assets

After connecting your wallet, you can view your assets on ZKSpace. The wallet includes an ERC20 wallet and an NFT wallet, and you can view your ERC20 token assets and your NFT assets separately.

2. Deposit, Transfer, and Withdraw

By clicking Deposit, you can deposit your Layer 1 assets to Layer 2. We recommend you use the default Eco Deposit mode, which is designed to save your time and gas fee;By clicking Send, you can send your Layer 2 assets to any other Layer 2 wallet address. You can enjoy an ultra-low transfer gas fee and ultra-fast confirmation experience (i.e., the ZKSquare product);By clicking Withdraw, you can withdraw your Layer 2 assets to the Ethereum mainnet at any time. We recommend you use the default Fast Withdraw to enjoy faster withdrawal confirmation and lower fees.The above three functions apply to both ERC20 tokens and NFTs.

IV. ZKSwap

As a Layer2 DEX launched at first by ZKSpace, we provide users with a decentralized trading service based on the AMM model. You can access this product via L2 Trade on the top of https://zks.app.

1. How to Trade

Click L2 Trade on the top navigation bar on the homepage. Click Swap in the drop-down menu to open the Swap card. Select the trading pair, enter the amount and click Swap to complete your trade.The current market price of the transaction pair, the price impact that your trade might bring, and the gas fee required will be displayed on the card.ZKSwap provides fast trade confirmation and a far-lower gas fee compared to Layer 1 platform Uniswap.Trading on ZKSwap will also enable you to join the Proof-of-Transaction Mining and get ZKS token rewards.

2. How to Make a Market

Click Pool to provide liquidity and earn the liquidity fee provided by traders. You can click the bar that says Add Liquidity, select two currencies, and make a market by adding liquidity according to the current price ratio.By adding liquidity, you can not only earn the liquidity fee, but also participate in Proof-of-Liquidity mining and get ZKS token rewards.

V. NFT Market

ZKSpace launched the NFT marketplace ZKSea at the end of 2021 to enable users freely mint and trade NFTs on Layer 2. You can navigate to ZKSea by clicking NFT Market on the top navigation bar of the homepage.

1. Minting NFT

Please create your Profile before starting your minting journey. Click the Profile icon on the upper right corner and choose Profile. You can edit your profile photos, username, background, etc. on your Profile page. After this is complete, you can click Mint NFT to start minting.

The minting process is similar to OpenSea. We support three types of NFT: pictures, videos, and music. Enter the artwork name, upload the work, choose collections for the work, set attributes, and pay the gas fee. After that, you can view the minted NFT in your L2 NFT wallet.NFT minting confirmation is extremely fast on ZKSea, with a gas fee much lower than the Ethereum mainnet.You can also participate in NFT POL mining to get ZKS rewards. Come to ZKSea to mint your own NFT!

2. NFT marketplace

(1) How to Buy an NFT

Enter the NFT marketplace, and you can see a dazzling array of NFT works. You can click the heart icon under each NFT to favorite it. You can later go to your Profile page to view your favorite NFTs.For items you want to buy, click Buy and pay the fee, then you get your NFT, which is very fast and convenient.

(2) How to Sell an NFT

You can list any NFT in your L2 wallet for sale, whether it is a deposited, purchased, or self-minted NFT.You can click List on the NFT Wallet card of your L2 wallet, or click Sell NFT in the drop-down list of the Profile icon.Set the price you want to sell it for. Your NFT is now listed for sale on ZKSea.There is no charge for listing.

VI. Mining

You can enter the mining page by clicking Mining on the top navigation bar of https://zks.app. Since 60% of ZKS tokens will be gradually distributed to community users in 4 years, we have currently introduced 7 types of mining activities. They are ZKS Proof-of-Stake mining, Proof-of-Gas mining, Proof-of-Liquidity mining, Proof-of-Transaction mining, NFT Proof-of-Liquidity mining, NFT Proof-of-Transaction mining, and NFT Proof-of-Deposit mining. The rules may be slightly different in different periods. Go to https://zks.app/mining for a detailed description.

1. ZKS Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Mining:

We open 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, or 360 days of ZKS PoS mining activities regularly. You can participate by withdrawing ZKS tokens to the Layer 1 wallet, and locking it into the corresponding smart contract following the guide. There are different APRs for different lock-up duration. Please refer to the event page for details.

2. Proof-of-Gas (PoG) Mining:

ZKSpace will aggregate and package all transactions on the platform and synchronize them to the Ethereum mainnet to ensure the same security as Layer 1. A certain amount of ETH will be consumed every day as the mainnet gas fee. Therefore, we reward users who pay the gas fee to the platform with ZKS tokens through PoG mining.You can deposit ETH on the PoG mining page to participate and get ZKS token rewards on a daily basis. The specific APR may vary slightly according to the actual gas consumed by the platform every day. Please refer to the event page for details.

3. Proof-of-Liquidity (PoL) Mining

As mentioned earlier, users who provide liquidity for ZKSwap can not only earn the liquidity fees provided by traders but also participate in PoL mining to earn more ZKS income.You automatically participate in PoL mining by adding liquidity of the corresponding trading pair. No staking is required. You can withdraw your fund at any time, which delivers a high degree of freedom.We will open PoL mining for different trading pairs at different stages. Please note that when the NFT Boost activity is opened, holding NFTs from specific collections can provide additional bonuses for mining. Please pay attention to the official blog announcement for updates and the event page for details.

4. Proof-of-Transaction (PoT) Mining

Trading on Layer 2 can not only meet your needs for token swaps but also get you ZKS token rewards based on the amount of transaction fee you have paid.We will open PoT mining for different trading pairs at different stages. Please note that when the NFT Boost activity is opened, holding NFTs from specific collections can provide additional bonus for mining. Please pay attention to the official blog announcement for updates and the event page for details.

5. NFT Proof-of-Liquidity Mining

You can participate in NFT PoL mining after adding liquidity to ZKSea. Minting, listing, or successfully selling NFTs enable you to split the daily ZKS token reward. Please refer to the event page for detailed rules.

6. NFT Proof-of-Transaction Mining

You can participate in NFT PoT mining simply by buying an NFT on ZKSea. The reward pool will be shared based on the proportion of your transaction. Please refer to the event page for detailed rules.

7. NFT Proof-of-Deposit Mining

To motivate users to bring well-known Layer 1 NFTs to Layer 2 for trading, we have launched the NFT PoD mining to reward users who deposit specific blue-chip NFTs and list them on ZKSea.You will earn 1,000 ZKS by depositing and listing a single NFT. In addition, when the NFT Boost activity is opened, the NFTs you deposited can also provide bonuses for PoT and PoL mining rewards. Please refer to the event page for detailed rules and supported NFT collections.

Ⅶ. ZKSpace Rate system

Based on the ZKSpace business development plan and the upcoming "ZKS Economic White Paper V2.0", we will adopt a brand-new rate system.

1. Cancel App usage restrictions

The original restriction on the minimum deposit of 50 ZKS or 200 USDT for the APP usage has been canceled. You can now deposit any amount of assets to Layer-2.

2. Cancel free Layer-2 operations

As the PoG mining is about to cease, we will no longer provide full subsidies for Layer-2 operations, and Gas fees for on-chain operations will be paid by yourself.

3. Gas fee system


Add liquidity: 1 USDT

Remove liquidity: 1 USDT

Swap: 0.5 USDT


Deposit: 0 USDT (Free)

Layer-2 transfers: 0.2 USDT

Withdrawals to Layer-1: 3 USDT


Mint an NFT: 2 USDT

List an NFT: 0 USDT (Free)

Unlist an NFT: 1 USDT

Buy an NFT: 5 USDT

Transfer an NFT: 0.5 USDT

Withdraw an NFT to Layer-1: 30 USDT if the NFT has been deposited from Layer-1; 120 USDT if the NFT has been minted on Layer-2.

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