ZKSwap V2 Tutorials

ZKSwap V2 Introduces:

  • Unlimited Token Listing

  • Fast withdrawal (within 20 - 30 mins through optimized circuits)

  • Personalized Fee Token (Select your preferred token for fee payment)

  • L2 deployment BSC, HECO, OKEX Chain to follow shortly after the V2 mainnet launch.

Migrate Your Assets From ZKSwap V1 to V2

1.1 Log into https://v1.zks.app, connect to the Ethereum wallet, and withdraw your assets from L2 to L1. (V1 and V2 have independent liquidity. If you add liquidity to V1, remove the liquidity from the L2 Pool before you withdraw your assets.)

1.2 You will receive your assets in about 40 minutes depending on how congested the Ethereum network is. (It usually takes 1-3 minutes to send the transaction to L1.)

1.3 Log into the WEB APP of ZKSwap V2 (https://zks.app), connect to the ETH mainnet wallet, tap L2 Wallet and select Deposit. (The deposit procedure remains the same as V1.)

List a Token

ZKSwap V2 supports unlimited token listings. You can list any ERC-20 tokens on ZKSwap V2 now.

Tutorial: https://en.wiki.zks.org/tutorials/token-token-pair-listing-tutorials

Fee Token Settings

ZKSwap V2 allows users to select a token among ZKS, WBTC, ETH, and USDT for fee payment. You can edit fee tokens through Settings at the top right corner of the ZKSwap homepage.

Current use cases for fee tokens: withdrawal, transfer and adding/removing liquidity. (Fees are only applicable when you exceed the daily limit of free transactions.)

In the near future, more fee tokens will be added and applied to more use cases. Stay tuned!

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