ZKSwap Mobile App Tutorials - v2

Based on the previous version, we make some product optimization in v2, here is the guide for the updates.

Video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHF_wQp2K3k

Home page:

Main function: deposit, send and withdraw through Home page(like previous version)

and user can find their L2 assets here

Switch to layer-1 wallet

Click L1 assets button, you will find your L1 wallet assets, and you still can use the L1 wallet to receive and send money


Choose a wallet:

Click the icon in the upper left corner, then can choose your wallet

Track markets and put your token in favorites

On the swap page, you can track market change and you tag click the 'star' to collect your coin in the favorites tab


On this page, you will have the access to our mining activities, and connect ZKSwap‘s explorer, Forum, and WIKI

Settings & wallet management

We support multi wallets in this version, users can click wallet management and then click the icon '+' in the upper right corner to add more wallets