ZKSwap Trading Rules

L2 Wallet:

Deposit: Support deposit from my Layer1 wallet, or deposit from other Layer2 accounts. ZKSwap does not charge any deposit fees.

Send: Support transfers to Layer2 wallets from any ERC20 address. There are 50 free transfers per day (UTC 0:00 to 0:00 the next day), after which ZKSwap will charge transfer tokens equivalent to $2 as a handling fee.

Withdraw: Withdraw asset to your Layer1 wallet by default, and you can also withdraw asset to any ERC20 address. If you withdraw ETH to the exchange address, please make sure it supports the type of transaction (internal transaction) transferred from the contract. ZKSwap will charge $5 equivalent tokens as a platform fee when you withdraw any token.

Total Value Locked: Including L2 Assets Details and L2 Pool Details.

L2 Assets Details: ZKS sort first by default, other tokens display the quantity and value in descending order of the value of the assets in the wallet (priced in USDT).

L2 Pool Details: According to the value of different LP Tokens in the wallet (priced in USDT), the quantity and value are displayed in descending order.

L2 Swap:

Liquidity: Liquidity value of the fund pool.

Price: the current price of the token/USDT.

Slippage Tolerance: Due to the limited depth of liquidity pool, swap, adding liquidity, or removing liquidity will impact the current price. Your transaction will revert if the price changes by more than this percentage.

Est. Deal Price: Due to the limited volume of the fund pool, exchange, addition, or removal of liquidity will impact the current price, causing the transaction price to deviate from the current price.

Price Impact: Due to the limited volume of the fund pool, the exchange will impact the current price. The expected price fluctuation is the percentage difference between the current price and the transaction price.

Transaction Fee: The ZKSwap agreement will charge 0.3% of all Layer2 Swap transactions as the transaction fee.Among them, 0.25% will be automatically allocated to the liquidity provider, and the other 0.05% will be used as the protocol fee. All protocol fees (100%) will be used as long-term incentive for the project, and ZKSwap officials will not receive any transaction fees.

Input: Please enter the number of tokens you are willing to pay to exchange for the corresponding tokens.

Minimum Received: The minimum amount you will receive after the swap has been submitted. The transaction will revert if there is a large, unfavorable price movement before your submission.

Slippage Setting: Slippage can be set.

Status: Submitted/Deal/Success

Status Description: “Submitted“ means that the transaction has been sent to the Layer2 network. “Deal” means that the Layer2 network relevant amount change may have taken effect. “Success“ means that the transaction has completed ZK-proof and been submitted to the Ethereum Layer1 network.

Minimum Amount to be Exchanged: After the exchange is successful, the token value you will receive must be greater than 10 USDT, otherwise, the exchange cannot be submitted.

L2 Pool:

Add/Withdraw Liquidity: There is a limit of 50 free add/withdraw liquidity per day (UTC 0:00 to 0:00 the next day), after which ZKSwap will charge a $1 equivalent handling fee for each of the two tokens involved in liquidity.

Minimum Quantity Allowed to Add/Withdraw Liquidity: The value of the least LP token you get after adding liquidity (USDT denominated) or the sum of the value of the least two tokens (USDT denominated) you get after withdrawing liquidity must be greater than 10 USDT, otherwise you cannot add/withdraw liquidity.


Proof-of-Gas Mining: The official will withdraw ETH from the fund pool participating in PoG mining at a random time every day according to the gas cost consumed by ZKSwap, consume the user's ETH according to the proportion of the user's deposited ETH in the fund pool, and generate ZKS prize pool of the day according to the official ETH value*125%The Prize will then be distributed to users in proportion.

Deposit ETH for PoG: Only ETH in the Layer1 wallet can be deposited to the smart contract address for mining.

Withdraw to Wallet: Withdraw the principal (ETH) or reward (ZKS) from the smart contract to the Layer1 wallet.

PoG Reward Balance: The daily gas mining rewards will be accumulated in the reward balance. After each deposit of ETH, there will be a 24-hour lock-up period for the reward balance, after which the reward can be withdrawn at any time.

Proof-of-Staking Mining: If your ZKS is in the Layer2 wallet, please withdraw it to the Layer1 wallet before participating in the PoS event. Please note that you will not be able to get the staked ZKS back until the PoS event ends.

Proof-of-Liquidity Mining: ZKSwap's liquidity providers can automatically participate in the liquidity mining activities, splitting the ZKS prize pool according to the ratio of the provided liquidity value to the liquidity value of ZKSwap Layer2 pairs, the mining rewards will be distributed to your L2 wallet account every day.

Proof-of-Transfer: If you participate in the L2 swap of the following transaction pairs, you can divide up the mining reward according to the swap amount, and the reward will be automatically distributed to your L2 wallet account every day. The total reward for daily mining is the equivalent ZKS of the pair's daily transaction fee*90%. To prevent malicious scalping, a single pair has a daily 2000/1000 upper limit.